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    23 People Who Are Utterly, Utterly Wrong About Creme Eggs

    All of you need to take this right back.

    1. So this is an interesting opinion. It's a wrong opinion, obviously, we all know that. But the question we have to ask is why?

    2. Why would otherwise sensible people lie like this?

    3. It's bizarre, because creme eggs are perfect, it's patently clear to all who have ever eaten them.

    4. They're God's light, wrapped up in a little bit of confectionary.

    5. Creme eggs are the best thing about easter.

    6. It's so strange that people would think this of creme eggs, when they are the best chocolate.

    7. The chocolate itself is good - there might be slightly better chocolate out there, but it's easily up there.

    8. But the shape is really great.

    9. You can eat them in so many different ways. You can mess around with them, and eat them any way you want. They're the only chocolate that really unlocks your creativity.

    10. But the really great thing, the most important thing, is that... stuff inside.

    11. It's hard to say what it should be called. It's kind of the yolk and the white. But also, it's really not the yolk and the white?

    12. Whatever it is, it's goddamn delicious and should be respected as such. Everyone, literally everyone, knows this.

    13. Since Creme Eggs are so good, why exactly are people putting out lies like this?

    14. Why are people convinced that they have to lie about this?

    15. Is there a global conspiracy, some villainous mastermind forcing everyone to spill out these vile lies.

    16. These people are wrong.

    17. 100%, entirely, utterly, completely wrong.

    18. Why must the internet be filled with these lies?

    19. Why would anyone think this was an OK thing to say?

    20. Creme eggs are great, that's why people rave about them.

    21. Creme eggs are just not disgusting at all.

    22. These are treacherous lies.

    23. It's all just utterly, utterly wrong.

    They're def getting smaller though.