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    17 Things Americans Need To Understand About Britain Before Moving Here

    Y'know, just in case any Americans were thinking of taking a quick but very extended trip across the Atlantic.

    1. The word is "maths" not "math."

    2. You need to write the date day first... because the day comes first.

    3. As much as these are the size and shape of biscuits, they are actually cakes. This is very important.

    4. Wait, hang on. We need to talk about biscuits, because, you see, these are not biscuits. These are, well, scones? They are not biscuits.

    5. And never say biscuits and gravy, because this is what we think you're talking about.

    6. Black pudding is made of blood, and it's still delicious. It's worth trying, honestly.

    7. Uh, marmite. Look, you might not like this one, but a bunch of other people do. Just, if you don't like it, maybe keep quiet about it?

    8. This is only real version of bacon.

    9. Again, not everyone is into these, and they sound awful, but look, pickled onion monster munch are great.

    10. Sausage rolls. Goddamn, sausage rolls are great. They're flaky and lovely. Ignore the crashing global stock market and clear rise in sexism and racism, just have a nice, flaky, sausage roll.

    11. In Britain, the washing machines are in the kitchen. It's not clear why, it's just the way things are.

    12. In Britain, not only can you drink outside, it's actively encouraged!

    13. Oh man, is your cleaning about to get so much easier!!! J-cloths, invention of the gods. They're good at cleaning everything.

    14. You'll never have to refrigerate eggs again! It's a small victory, but yes, in Britain, we don't refrigerate eggs. What a country, huh?

    15. Our crisps are pretty fucking weird. Also they are crisps, not chips, chips are a whole different thing. Neither crisps nor chips should really be flavoured with chardonnay, but America just voted Trump, Britain voted Brexit, and David Bowie dies, so here we are.

    16. We don't have sales tax introduced at the counter. Why do you do this?

    17. Universal healthcare.