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17 Reasons Posh British People Need To Be Stopped Right Now

Why so many red trousers?

1. Because they wear things like this and believe it's normal.

2. Because they feel the standard door lettering system is inadequate.

3. Because they manage to get 4x4s stuck in ditches.

4. Because they are determined to wear red trousers at each and every opportunity.

5. Because Rebecca.

6. Because they need cashmere in their toilet paper.

7. Because they're so posh they sometimes struggle to walk properly.

8. Because when they're freshers, they get their food delivered by Ocado.

Okay so we look like the poshest students going now..... #classyfreshers

9. Because they get concerned about things like this.

10. Because they name their children things like this.

Telegraph births column this morning. Just wonderful

11. Because they all wear red trousers from the youngest possible age.

12. Because they have ideas like this.

13. Because the target market for this poshest collaboration exists.

14. Because their children talk like this.

15. Because they think this is fine.

16. Because David Cameron exists.

17. And they just refuse to stop wearing red trousers.