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16 Ways Yzma From "The Emperor's New Groove" Is The Greatest Role Model Disney Ever Created

Yzma sees what she wants and makes it hers. Yzma is smart. Be like Yzma.

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1. She's an ambitious person.


She could have been happy just being Kuzco's advisor (which was a nice enough job), but Yzma preferred to take the throne and follow her dream of becoming an empress.


7. And even though many describe her as "ugly" or "scary beyond all reason," she feels sexy.


She knows that it doesn't matter what anyone else says, so long as you love yourself. <3


15. Even when she turns into a cat, she doesn't let that stop her, but rather uses it to her advantage.


Yzma is the kind of person who takes obstacles and makes them work in her favor.

This post was translated from Spanish.


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