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    The "Which Table Y'all Sitting At" Meme On Twitter Has Got Everyone Making Some Tough Choices

    Alliances have been drawn!

    In case you haven't been on Twitter over the last few weeks, you should know that we've been blessed with a new and very wholesome phenomenon: the "Which table are y'all sitting at?" cafeteria table meme.

    It’s your first day at school. Which table y’all sitting at?

    Twitter: @Nosoloposters

    1. TBH, it's more than a meme — it's kind a very fun game for bonding with your friends and also figuring out where your alliances are drawn, especially with things like your favorite TV shows...

    2. And you might think announcing your loyalties to specific tables is all fun and games, but things can get HEATED.

    Twitter: @prettyvacant_t

    ESPECIALLY when you get K-pop involved!

    3. I mean, some decisions — like which One Directioner is the best one — are no-brainers, of course.

    Twitter: @hesolwt

    Duh, guys.

    4. But there are a few, especially concerning fave pop culture characters, that are absolutely impossible.

    5. I mean, how could you possibly pick just one group of Game of Thrones faves?

    6. Or just one table of Britney songs??

    7. Honestly, I feel sorry for any Marvel movie viewer who has to deal with this...

    8. And this one involving our generation's finest actors? Totally unfair.

    9. The best part about the meme is that there's one for just about everyone: fans of RuPaul's Drag Race...

    10. Housewives Twitter...

    11. Soccer enthusiasts...

    12. Your bar order...

    13. And all you pop music disciples out there.

    14. This is a formal shoutout to everyone asking the real questions out here, both about World of Warcraft and everything else...

    15. And finding ways to only **lightly** sow international discord...

    16. And of course, coming up with even better remixes on the original.

    Twitter: @umru_

    Honestly? Iconic.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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