21 Shocking Things Feminists Have Done

    Damn, no wonder people hate them...

    1. They sleep.

    2. They wake up every morning.

    3. They cook their food.

    4. And sometimes eat out.

    5. They spend time stuck in traffic.

    6. And they go to work.

    7. They change their look.

    8. They go to the movies.

    9. And they go dancing.

    10. And after a night of drinking, they go for tacos.

    11. They spend time with their friends.

    12. And their family.

    13. They sometimes have bad days...

    14. But they also have really good days.

    15. They like to be with their loved ones.

    16. But they also enjoy their alone time.

    17. They hate being called fifty times by the same telemarketer.

    18. And, perhaps most shocking of all, they go to the bathroom!

    19. They take care of each other.

    20. They fight back.

    21. Oh yes, and they want equal rights.

    Because being a feminist is not about wanting to be more or less than others.

    It's about fighting for what's fair.

    This post was translated from Spanish.