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    You Probably Missed This Tiny Detail That Explains How "The Incredibles 2" Is Connected To "Monsters, Inc."

    It has to do with Jack-Jack, of course!

    Okay so first of all, if you're reading this, we're assuming you've either already seen The Incredibles 2, or that you're very chill with light spoilers, yes??

    Yes. Okay. Cool. Now that we understand each other, let's talk about how, over the course of the movie, we see that Jack-Jack has an extensive variety of powers.

    Including shooting laser beams...

    And teleportation.

    Well, a Tumblr user named kriptxn came up with a potential theory about Jack-Jack that proves The Incredibles 2 (as well as The Incredibles) happens in the same universe as Monsters, Inc.

    Let's rewind: In Monsters, Inc., there is a newscast where they announce a "child security breach," and a few monsters get interviewed as witnesses on TV.

    One of the witnesses says this:

    A kid, you say? With laser vision?

    According to kriptxn's theory, the witness might not have been making it up! It could have been Jack-Jack, who was experimenting with his powers to cross over to other dimensions.

    We know, we know. Mind...blown.

    But at the end of the day, it shouldn't come as a TOTAL surprise — by now, you've heard about the theory that all Pixar movies happen in the same universe, right?

    Still, it never gets old. Pixar, you've done it again!

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    This post was translated from Spanish.