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    16 Reasons Why The Day Of The Dead Is Amazing

    It's the most colorful tradition in Mexico.

    1. Because the scent of marigolds take over the streets of Mexico.

    2. And even though it's in autumn, it becomes the most colorful season of the year.

    3. Because it's the season when you can eat the most delicious pastries of all.

    4. In all of their exotic versions.

    5. Because you can see skeletons on the streets.

    6. You can even eat them!

    7. Because it reminds us that death is a natural part of our life.

    Oleg Elkov / Getty Images

    Participants of the Mexican holiday in death masks

    8. And for that reason it doesn't need to torment us.

    9. It's better to accept it.

    10. Celebrate it.

    Betemarques / Getty Images

    Vista noturna do cemitério de San Gregório de Atlapulco, em Xochimilco, na Cidade do México, durante celebração de Dia dos Mortos.

    11. And even laugh with it.

    12. Because you know that those who pass on aren't saying goodbye.

    13. They're only saying see you later.

    14. And in a way they're always with you.

    15. With your offerings.

    16. And your memories.

    Happy Day of the Dead!

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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