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    16 Porn Parodies You Won't Be Able To Unsee, Ever

    You'll never look at Pikachu the same way again.

    1. First, there's SpongeKnob SquareNuts, which tells the story of a square-testicled sponge who looks like the stuff of nightmares.

    Wood Rocket

    NIGHTMARES, I'm telling you!

    Wood Rocket

    ICYWW: There is a sequel where climax is achieved via a threesome between SpongeBob/Knob, Sandy and Patrick.

    2. Then there's a Back to the Future parody, where time travel is possible thanks to a sex machine.

    Wood Rocket

    The sex machine is also equipped with a butt plug. Just an FYI.

    3. And of course, there's Tugrats, because we live in a world without any boundaries, it would seem.

    Wood Rocket

    It's not okay. I'm not okay.

    4. In Dick and Morty, there's a cucumber dildo called — you guessed it — "Pickle Dick."

    Wood Rocket

    I'm worried.

    5. Remember that awful horror flick Hellraiser? Well, it just got worse. Allow us to introduce you to...

    Wood Rocket

    Instead of pins, he has little penises on his face, obviously.

    6. What you see right here is Goldar, from Power Rangers, mid-coitus with a Megazord.

    Wood Rocket

    From the Mighty Muffin Pounder Rangers, naturally.

    7. In other news, you can probably give up on everything in life once you've seen Pikachu in the Strokémon porno:

    Wood Rocket

    Let us rephrase: Actually, it's Dikachu.

    (Here's a full-body shot, in case you wanted to die a little more inside.)

    8. The Pokémon parodies don't stop there — this one's based on the Pokémon Go game:


    The "pokémon" creatures all look kind of like sex toys.

    9. Here's a version of Ghostbusters that unfortunately is out there in this world...


    Please, nobody tell us what's in those proton packs...

    10. And here's a Scooby-Doo parody whose mysteries we'd rather not solve.

    New Sensations

    Spoiler: It ends up in an orgy between Daphne, Shaggy, Fred and Velma.

    11. To be quite honest, Gay of Thrones might actually be more tame than the actual show...


    Who's to say?

    12. While we'll admit that Assventure Time is honestly a really great name.

    Wood Rocket

    We guarantee this is the most interesting use of body paint you'll ever see in porn.

    13. Here's the ultimate XXX twist on your fave Halloween/Christmas mashup movie:

    Burning Angel

    Ok but Jack Skellington looks pretty hot here, actually.

    14. Meanwhile, in this Ninja Turtles parody, Master Splinter became Master Sphincter.

    Wood Rocket

    I'm upset.

    15. And if you've ever wondered "Hey, I wonder if there's dinosaur porn out there," boy do we have a Jurassic Park parody for you:


    It looks...wild, to say the least.

    16. And finally, how could we forget Edward Penishands?

    Video Team Presents

    Oh that's right. We can't.

    This post was translated from Spanish.