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    13 Cool Details That "Jurassic Park" Lovers Missed In The Latest "Jurassic World" Kingdom

    The references to the 1993 original are wiiiiild.

    1. The jeep in the background during Owen Grady's reunion with Blue is just like Jurassic Park's original jeep models.

    2. The scene where we see the Indoraptor opening the door was a reference to raptors' intelligence.

    3. The Indoraptor also specifically references other raptor-like behavior, like when we see it tapping its claws as an intimidation tactic.

    4. The brachiosauruses are, again, the first thing everyone sees when they arrive in the park.

    5. And it's also the last dinosaur we see in the park before it's overrun by lava.

    6. The scene where Maisie runs to the elevator to hide is identical to the scene where Lex hides in the kitchen in Jurassic Park.

    7. If you watch carefully, you'll see a rear view mirror in one of the scenes with the warning "objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" printed on it.

    8. You've probably seen the movie promoted everywhere with the catchphrase "Life finds a way" — it's a reference to this line from the first movie:

    9. Owen describing Blue as a "smart girl" is also a direct reference to the first movie, where that pet name is also given to one of the raptors.

    10. The character Lockwood has a cane topped with a mosquito trapped in amber, just like the one John Hammond had in Jurassic Park.

    11. Dr. Malcolm's water glass holds a lot of symbolism, too.

    12. The T. Rex scene is a tribute to 1997's The Lost World, where we also saw how a captive dinosaur gets transported.

    13. And yes, the stampede also borrows many elements from the first movie.

    Now that you caught up on all these details, we think it's time for a Jurassic Park and Jurassic World double feature, don't you think??

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    This post was translated from Spanish.