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    23 "Star Wars" Characters Renamed By People Who Have Never Seen "Star Wars"

    I have a very bad feeling about this.

    We asked several non–Star Wars fans, who have never seen the movies, to rename some characters of the Star Wars saga. Here's what we got.

    1. "Aggy Izalea."

    2. "Is this Boba Fett? Is Boba Fett a man or a creature?"

    3. "Camellama."

    4. "The trap guy?"

    5. "Tanning Bed Horror Story."

    6. "Taken into the future."

    7. "Your mum."

    8. "Yes this is Jar Jar Binks, I know him because he's awesome."

    9. "Annie Oakley."

    10. "Mosquito or Moskeeto if he's a hipster."

    11. "Jedi Jules."

    12. "Reginald. He just seems like a Reginald."

    13. "The only normal guy in the movie. Maybe he's called Steve or something standard."

    14. "Theresa (she's a robot)."

    15. "Used car salesman."

    16. "Renato (idk why, he just looks like a Renato)."

    17. "NO JUST NO."

    18. "Lady Lanzobo."

    19. "Foreskin Freddy."

    20. "Ugh, probably something like Snouty."

    21. "Doctor Creepy."

    22. "Rusty McMetalson."

    23. "Darth Voldemort."