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    15 Scenes From Marvel Movies That Were Taken Straight Out Of The Comic Books

    Here are the comic panels that inspired all your fave scenes.

    1. In the comic books, Iron Man and Spider-Man team up on more than one occasion. This classic panel of the two of them flying together was recreated in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    2. One of the most iconic Captain America covers portrayed the hero punching Hitler. The scene was recreated in the first movie, during a fundraiser show.

    3. The scene depicting Ant-Man hurtling through the air on one of Hawkeye's arrows is something we originally see in the comics and later, in Captain America: Civil War.

    4. Remember the robbery in Homecoming with the Avenger masks? Well, that also happened in the comics.

    5. Plus, Doctor Strange's arrival in the Dark Dimension is almost identical, except that in the movie, the dimension is, well, darker.

    6. The fight between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in Civil War came to a head in the comic the same way it did in the film.

    7. In Homecoming, Peter Parker gets trapped under a bunch of debris and is unable to breathe. The scene pays homage to a famous Spider-Man cover from the '60s.

    8. This Iron Man ~pose~ was first seen in Iron Man #76, and we see it again on many occasions, including Tony Stark's triumphant entrance in Iron Man 2.

    9. The machine they used to brainwash poor Bucky Barnes in Captain America: Winter Soldier is almost identical to the original in the comics, though it looks more painful in the film.

    10. And if you thought seeing Skurge with machine guns felt out of place, know that it didn't seem so out of the ordinary to the writers of Thor.

    11. And of course, Black Panther facing off with a rhino in Wakanda is something we've also seen before.

    12. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the comic book scene of Ultron sitting on his throne is recreated for us, though we only see it from behind.

    13. Thor's short-haired lewk, along with his change of armor, happened in the comics a little before Thor: Ragnarok, in The Unworthy Thor series.

    14. And Hulk's appearance in Ragnarok is identical to what he looked like in the Planet Hulk comic.

    15. Finally, in Winter Soldier, the scene where Steve Rogers recognizes his old best friend is a recreation of the comic panel, down to the lines.

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