28 Photos Of Adam Levine That Will Impregnate You Immediately


1. Let’s all just take a moment to be hypnotized by this intense, sensual gaze.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

2. Or by this other one.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

3. Adam with a beard = .

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

4. But Adam without a beard also = .

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

5. Observe how his hipster look makes you feel things you’ve never felt before.


6. Wouldn’t you like to be that microphone?

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

7. Look at sensitive Adam, hugging a dog.

8. You don’t know why, but this pose gives you shivers.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images


Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

10. Let’s take a closer look at a classic, like Adam’s video for “Moves Like Jagger.”

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

11. Where to begin?

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

His dance moves? The shimmering sweat trickling down his beautiful chest? His perfect abs?

12. Feel how he takes control of your senses… that shirtless wizard.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

13. Namaste.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Or maybe it’s YUMaste.

(Okay, not our best word play, but you get the idea…)

14. Any other man would just be checking his phone. Adam, however, is simultaneously checking his phone AND impregnating you in the process.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

15. Adam dressed to the nines =

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

16. Adam with almost no clothing =

17. Almost.


18. So close.

19. The way he should always go out:

Cosmopolitan UK / Via imgur.com

20. Let yourself be seduced by the sensual movement of his shoulders.

Universal Music

21. Or his hips. _

Universal Music

22. Here, he’s the bad boy in one of his videos.

Universal Music

23. And here he is as a sensual wrestler.

Universal Music

24. He can literally take your breath away with just three simple poses.

25. Prepare to see a side of Adam you’ve never seen before.

Universal Music

26. His beauty is so overpowering that he can get both you and the stage pregnant at the same time.


28. Thank you, Adam. Thank you.


This post was translated from Spanish.

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