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Here's What You Missed In The"X-Men: Apocalypse" Post-Credits Scene

There are still plenty of threats in the mutant world.

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At the end of Days of Future Past, Mystique, pretending to be Stryker, rescues Logan's body.


Since the new series of movies changed the past, the events of X-Men 2 ceased to exist. If Wolverine's mind came back to the (new) future, his body still stayed in the past.

And Stryker experiments on Logan, giving him his adamantium skeleton, and turns him into a killer.


As you must have seen in Apocalypse, Jean frees him from his prison and he practically destroys the entire lab.

So now, back to the post-credits scene.

Fox / Via Twitter: @LeoCC57

We see a cleaning crew taking away everything in the lab after it's been destroyed. Among thing things is a blood sample from Wolverine, which they put in a suitcase along with other samples.


The name of the company likely refers to Nathaniel Essex.


In the comics, Essex is a scientist specializing in genetics, and he is obsessed with human evolution. At some point, his path crosses with Apocalypse, who decides to give him powers and thus Essex ends up becoming ...

Mister Sinister!


One of the X-men's archenemies, frequently causing problems because of his obsession with creating the perfect human being. At some point, he even makes a clone of Jean Grey and gives powers to different characters through his experiments.


Although he may actually end up being the villain in other Marvel and Fox projects.


According to an interview with the producer Simon Kinberg, the post-credit scene may have implications for more than just the X-Men and Wolverine franchises.

Including movies starring other popular heroes.


Sinister has a long story with Gambit (who will have his own movie in the future) and also with the mutant Cable, who will be in the Deadpool sequel, so maybe we'll be seeing a lot more of him soon.