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Is Sleeping Naked Weird Or Nah?

It's debatable.

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Let's face it, we're all probably pretty weird sleepers. But is sleeping naked the way to go, or is it better to sleep in some good 'ol jammies? It's debatable:

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To start off, we have the case for sleeping with clothes on.

Steven starts with a strong dad joke to make his point.

Keith was pretty concerned about the possibility of fecal matter in the sheets without layers separating the butt and the bed.

Garrett was pro-clothing because he believed it made controlling temperature easier.

Keith also pointed at that if you didn't sleep in pajamas, you were missing out on all the fun ~silky~ clothes you could wear.

Garrett also said that clothes made it easier to flee from your house if there was a fire. Kelsey countered that by pointing out that she'd have more important things to worry about.

Mike challenged Steven's pro-clothes argument by saying all his problems were easily solved.

To which Steven closed with another pretty strong dad joke.

Now, let's get into the argument for sleeping in your b-day suit.

Colin started by saying there's nothing more comfortable than your own ~body~.

He also said that overheating at night was a recipe for a terrible night's sleep.

Kelsey's main argument was simple, but clear.

Colin did end up getting off track for a bit.

Overall, seems like when it comes to sleeping, it's really to each their own...well, unless those two people are sharing a bed.

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So, what do you think?
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    Birthday suit for sureeeee.
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    Clothes are the way to go!