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    The 17 Stages Of Rainbow Loom Obsession

    Those colorful little rubber bands will steal your heart. AND YOUR LIFE.

    1. At first, you're skeptical of the hype.

    Remember Jelly Bracelets? Or Silly Bandz? Where are they now, even?

    2. But like...EVERYONE is doing it.

    You were never one to stand up to peer pressure.

    3. So you cave and order your own Rainbow Loom.

    It's just a mere $17, after all.

    4. It arrives. And it looks complicated.


    5. Your first project turns out okay.

    But the best part is that you actually made something!

    6. And before you know it, you're getting the hang of it.

    It's actually really soothing.

    7. You start to figure out new techniques.

    You could start an Etsy store! Hell, you could make Rainbow Loom wedding dresses!!

    8. Time to REALLY start shopping.

    You need a lot of supplies if you're going to fulfill your visions. Anyway, you'll totally save money on gifts come Christmas time 'cause you'll make everyone bracelets! (That's the plan, anyway.)

    9. Soon, everyone you know is sporting at least one of your creations.

    Whether they like it or not.

    10. And everywhere you look, you're inspired.

    The whole world is your Rainbow Loom oyster.

    11. When you find yourself stranded somewhere (like work or school, UGH) without your loom, you learn to improvise.

    12. No outfit feels complete without a touch of Loom.

    Yes, (you are quick to point out to people, even if they don't ask) it's a Rainbow Loom BAG! EVERYONE NEEDS ONE.

    13. You start to run out of room in your house.

    14. You isolate yourself from friends and family.

    They don't understand you. They'll never appreciate your love.

    15. Your hands ache, your eyes are strained, but you keep on going through the pain.

    16. Until one day you finally run out of rubber bands.

    How could this happen?!

    17. But it's all good; you just call your fellow Rainbow Loom-obsessed friends, get them to come over, and Loom to your hearts' content.

    Friends who Loom together stay together.

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