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    18 Reasons Stay-At-Home Moms Love Benedict Cumberbatch

    The things that make you a wife, a mother, and a Cumberbitch.

    1. Because you need a special kind of crush object.

    You need a special celebrity crush, but who's going to do it for you? Bryan Cranston? Jon Hamm? Kevin Spacey?

    2. Because Benedict seems really smart.

    Sherlock / Via

    He can solve your mysteries, like "Where did I store those little baby shoes I wanted to bronze?" and "I did actually store them somewhere, right?" and "If I didn't, am I a bad mother?"

    3. ...and because he has *that* body.

    You were ready to give him a pass on the whole body thing, because of his mind and all, and then this happened.

    4. Because he seems like he'd be very helpful.

    If you forget your online banking password, for example, Benedict can deduce it for you!

    5. Because Sherlock and Watson make great fantasy fodder.

    Sherlock's chemistry with John is so much hotter than it is with that bitch Irene Adler.


    Brian McCabe/NPR / Via


    7. Because he could spice up your wardrobe.

    You can borrow his fancy robe!

    8. Because of his name.

    You can play with his name in your head while you're doing chores.

    9. Because your spouse has no idea.

    The Fifth Estate / Via

    He thinks Benedict is "funny looking" and "seems gay."

    10. Because he'd teach your kids to play the violin.

    And he's got to be nothing short of a whiz at homework.

    11. Because the make-up sex would be scorching hot.

    There's no letting the sun set on an argument with this guy.

    12. Because sometimes he looks weird.

    Chris Jackson/Staff

    So maybe he'd be okay with how weird you look in the mornings before you put your contacts in and blow out your hair.

    13. Because he's profound.

    Matthew Horwood/ / Via

    (The "Unabomber look" is not your favorite, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Benedict.)

    14. Because it's fun daydreaming about your relationship with him.

    What would your nickname for him be? Cumby? Benny? And what would he call you? "My little Cumberperson"?

    15. Because he loves holding other peoples' babies.

    Twitter: @paul_mcguigan

    Maybe he'd like to hold your baby! Co-parent with you, even!


    He actually wears them better than you do.

    And takes them off well too.

    17. Because he's clearly a great listener.


    "I want to hear all about your day, darling. Tell me about the woman who cut you on line at the supermarket."

    18. Yup, it's true love!

    And now time to pick up the kids from school...