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    The 5 Types Of People You Get Upset With In The TSA Line

    98% of traveling is amazing- NOT including the TSA line and the people you encounter there. It's as if you went to the zoo instead of the airport.

    Vacation time is here. You got to the airport two hours early like you are supposed to, you have just printed out your boarding pass, waited in a long line to check your bag that will likely get lost and now you have to wait in a long line at TSA. Joy! Not.

    As you move at a snail's pace through the line, you finally get within arm's reach of the bins and conveyor belt. Unfortunately, you have these five people in front of you and each one of them makes you just as exasperated as the next.

    1. The loose change guy (or woman). You know, the guy who pulls a phone out of his pocket and nickels, dimes and quarters fly all over the place and he has to pick them up or he will lose his entire life savings*. *sarcasm - extreme sarcasm*

    Who carries change anymore anyway? Who even carries cash anymore?

    2. The 6 bin guy (or woman). I mean we are only allowed two carry-ons, how did they get so much stuff? They are holding up the line as they stumble around trying to get everything in order. Every time they seem to be ready, they pull something else out of their bag.

    "C'mon! Move it already!"

    3. Rude to TSA guy (or woman). You know, the person who seems to think they are above everyone else and shouldn't have to go through the machine or yell at the TSA employee that they don't want to take their belt or shoes off. Can you say high maintenance?

    4. The running late guy. This guy is extremely annoying because he's always in a business suit and obviously about to miss his flight because he can't bother to get to the airport on time and wait like the rest of us. He gets escorted to the front of the line and says thanks to everyone behind him, but we know he's smirking inside knowing he beat the system.

    5. The impatient guy (or woman). Although you are feeling impatient right now, you aren't on top of the person in front of you in line. This person is so impatient they are taking advantage of every inch possible to get to the conveyor belt and if it means stampeding you in the process, that's fine with them.

    Basically, the TSA line makes you feel like this.

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