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    10 Emotional Stages You Go Through While Waiting At The Baggage Claim

    Yay! You're on vacation! Not so fast though...first you have to wait in misery at the baggage claim.

    It's time! Vacation is here and you just spent hours on the plane anxiously awaiting your arrival into vacationland. You look out the window the whole descent and can't wait to step off the plane. As your tires hit the runway, your heart races with excitement!

    You can't get off the plane fast enough. You are practically skipping as you think of all the things you are going to see and do!

    Then…. you remember you have to go wait at the baggage claim…

    And your emotions go haywire. “It’s not fair, it’s just not fair!”

    As you walk what seems like a mile to the baggage claim you just keep thinking …

    “Nooooo - this is a waste of time! I don’t want to do it! You can’t make me.”

    But alas, you have to go and wait for your luggage.

    A little out of breath, you arrive at the baggage claim, but you can't remember what carousel number you are supposed to be at.

    Anxiety sets in.

    After a brief panic attack, you luckily spot someone from your plane and go stand near them. All is okay…for now.

    As you stand and wait for the conveyor belt to start (after what seems like forever) you feel a mix of sadness, anxiety and boredom.

    “I would rather be anywhere else but here.”

    Finally, the bell starts to ring and you're suddenly alert, but you can't remember what your bag looks like. "Is it that black bag or is it this one?" Your heart starts to race as ten minutes go by and still no sign of your bag.

    You start cursing the airline as you say “they better not have lost my luggage” over and over under your breath.

    Then a familiar looking bag pops onto the conveyor belt and someone on the other side of the carousel picks up a bag that you are now sure is yours…

    “Oh hell no! That’s my bag!”

    Luckily, they put it back but wow that was a little scary, wasn’t it?

    Your bag rounds the corner and you snatch it up real fast.


    But you only celebrate for a second because the friend you are traveling with doesn’t have their bag yet and the space between bags on the carousel are farther and fewer between.

    You are selfishly thinking “this can’t be happening” because you know their lost luggage will impact your trip too.

    When all hope seems lost, a lonely bag comes around the corner and your friend picks up their bag.

    Finally everyone has their bags and the fun can start!

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