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10 (good) Excuses To Avoid Your Valentine's Day Appointment

Maybe you're not sure that you love your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Maybe you have something better to do, like watching a Champions League game with your friends. Maybe you think it's a commercial celebration and there should not be any special days to show her/him your love (too much love here). Or maybe you're just stingy (I would not judge you). So here are some tips for you that might help you to avoid your Valentine's Day appointment. #VDAY #ValentinesDay

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1 - The loving guy / Via

Play the card of the loving person who does not need a special day to prove his love. Give the date of your meeting in order to alleviate the shock by telling him/her that you will celebrate your love on that specific date. #Love

2 - Family Issue / Via

Disease of a member of your family (if a relationship that has started recently) kind cousin who has a leukaemia, we must go see him, or grandmother who is not well …

3 - Most important thing to do, sorry ... / Via

Book a show place or sports match or movie at the cinema, long ahead and announce that you will not be able to be present for the Valentine's Day evening.

4 - Soccer game tonigt... / Via

Soccer game tonight, I can not leave my single mate alone.

P.S: Don't forget to bring some beers!

Paris Saint-Germain - FC Barcelone #PSGFCB

5 - Trauma / Via

Give a family excuse. Like: 'My parents separated the evening of Valentine's Day 10 years ago. So it's a trauma for me to celebrate that date'.

6 - The most famous / Via

Dispute with your partner before Valentine's Day (not too soon or too late) and then get back together a few days later.

7 - Sickness (My favorite) / Via

To pretend to fall seriously ill: 'I can't come I'm vomiting and I have a terrible headache. I'm so sorry'. And finish your evening with your pals completely drunk.


8 - The most radical / Via

To be arrested by the police (a bit radical as a solution but very effective).

The last resort solution, to use only if you definitely don't want to engage in a serious relationship.

9 - The second most radical / Via

Fight with someone on Valentine's Day and finish your evening at the hospital. 💢 (Also very radical as a solution but as effective as the previous one)

10 - The most honest / Via

Realize that we are not in love and break before Valentine's Day. Two solutions:

If you like her/him a minimum, do it at least 1 month before the date.

If you do not like the person ... I'll let you decide.

To conclude:

After all, it's true, Valentine's Day is only a commercial celebration created by corporations to inflate their turnover. I think above all that if we are in love we can and we must show it every day.

If your love is not reciprocal let him/her know before Valentine's Day.

But I'm still thinking that the best solution it's still to be single and have a pizza evening, with beers and champions league between pals!

And then...

Why should I buy a gift to my girlfriend, when it is already a gift to have me in her life?

Why should I buy a gift to my girlfriend, when it is already a gift to have me in her life?

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