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How to Germinate Marijuana Plant Seeds

When germinating cannabis seeds, you will know sprouting has taken place when you see a white tendril popping out of the seed. The white tendril that comes out of the marijuana seed in the course of germination is known as taproot. This acts as the first main root from which all the rest of the roots will sprout.

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The taproot together with a few and tiny early offshoots will grow longer and longer as they push up the seed. Ultimately, the shell will break and the first leaves which are referred to as cotyledons will sprout from inside the marijuana seed. Since the cotyledons were created as part of the plant embryo within the seeds, the cannabis seedling doesn’t grow them.

After the cotyledons, the first true leaves will sprout with jagged edges. These leaves are grown by the cannabis plant itself and not part of the seed system as it is the case with the cotyledons.

Conditions Necessary for Germination

For the marijuana seeds to get the best rates of germination, the following pre-conditions should exist.

Moisture –To make the seeds softer and easy to germinate, you can soak them for a period of between 24 and 32 hours. Never leave the cannabis seeds soaking in water beyond this time frame.

Warmth –Balance the temperatures in order to get the best rates of germination. Inasmuch as these seeds can germinate in cooler springtime temperatures, when it is too cold, they take longer.

Gentle Handling –When checking the seeds, you should be extra careful. You should avoid at all costs touching their taproot because it is very fragile and can easily snap off.

Do Not Let Your Spouted Seeds to Dry

Basically, the presence of heat and moisture is a critical signal to the marijuana plant seeds to start the sprouting process. This is because these conditions also known as spring conditions enhance the tendencies of the seed to burrow their taproot through the seed coat. This is a sensitive time and you should ensure there is adequate water supply. This is because the seedling can easily die if the seed’s root successfully breaks through the shell only to find water has dried up.

When the seedlings have sprouted, their root systems should stay moist so as to keep the seedling healthy and happy. It is important to regularize the accessibility to water of these seedlings throughout germination.

The Impact of Warmer Temperatures

When the temperatures are warmer, the marijuana seedlings germinate fast. Their growth process is also much faster because of the moisture they absorb from the air which is critical for their roots and leaves. Inasmuch as dry air will not kill your seedlings, it will cause them to have stunted growth. To increase the temperatures, you may use a bulb or two which you install above the area where the marijuana seeds are germinating.

You should also be very careful when choosing marijuana seeds. Avoid white or pale green seeds because this will not germinate and instead pick up dark seeds. As long as your seeds germinate, your chances of harvesting the best are high.

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