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21 Nerdy Things You Need For Your Home Right Now

Because every house needs a Death Star disco ball.

1. This Star Trek-inspired toile pillow:

2. DIY Legend of Zelda front door mat:

3. This 11th Doctor plug socket sticker:

4. DIY Batman flower wreath:

5. This Harry Potter Alohamora key rack:

6. A DIY 4th Doctor scarf rug:

7. This Sherlock wallpaper pillow:

8. DIY Death Star disco ball:

9. A Dealthy Hallows mirror:

10. A Dumbledore quote light switch cover:

11. This set of Doctor Who Galifreyan coasters:

12. This Peter Pan clock:

13. This useful sign:

14. This one-ring fire pit.

15. This DIY Death Star globe.

16. This set of Star Trek pillows.

17. This incredible R2D2 Tiffany lamp.

18. These Joker and Harley bookends:

19. These DIY Death Star planters:

20. These Marvel drawer knobs:

21. And this mix-and-match LEGO clock: