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The 22 Unofficial Rules Of Being A Tomboy

Please adhere to the guidelines or risk being one of 'those girls'. You know. The pretty ones with boyfriends.

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Never wash if you can dry shampoo. Bedhead, undone and surf are your style heroes.

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Wear dresses so infrequently, everyone thinks you look incredible when you do.

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Ditch all handbags, double-strap the backpack and enjoy a straight spine.

Read magazines and books with actual content.

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See: New Scientist, Vice, NME or well...the Library.

Embrace 'Boyish' and 'Boyfriend' as eternal trends.

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Never wear heels. Always be free to dance.

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When you do dance, only ever sexy dance ironically.

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Hip-Hop, Robot and Drunk are great reference points for the dance floor.

Laugh at women who endure sticky summer thighs.

Say no to salad.

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Get a wedding dress with pockets.

Establish an unshakeable invite to BOYS ONLY nights out.

Don't sleep with the lead singer. Be in the band.

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Relish unusual compliments.

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But respond to all others with venomous disagreement.

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Let the world be confused about your feelings towards these women.

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- Anna Kendrick

- Emma Stone

- Aubrey Plaza

- Lake Bell

- Lena Dunham

- Shannyn Sossamon

- Kristen Stewart

- Greta Gerwig

- Kristen Wiig

- Jennifer Lawrence

- Gillian Zisner

- Helena Bonham Carter

- Drew Barrymore

- Stevie Nicks

Be ignored by the opposite sex.

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Be capable of carrying stuff. Carry it good.

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Offer dinosaurs, space and skateboards as romantic date themes.

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Mostly adore Rom-Coms that feature a tomboy/underdog girl coming out on top.

See: Calamity Jane, Bend It Like Beckham, Some Kind Of Wonderful (above).
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See: Calamity Jane, Bend It Like Beckham, Some Kind Of Wonderful (above).

Do not attempt anything above beginner level beauty procedures alone.

Scare your mum with your Netflix suggestions.

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Because you liked 'Violent Dramas'...

Because you liked 'Zombies'...

Because you liked 'Drug Documentaries'...

Most importantly, stay away from the dark side.

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