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    11 Of The Worst Reasons To Start Dating Anyone

    Happy Ever NEVER.

    1. You share similar taste in music/films/cheese. / Via

    Means nothing. You don't love them, you actually love Taylor Swift, The Godfather and Older Gouda 2 SIS- Hard...

    2. Repeated drunken sex has happened.

    Warner Bros Pictures / Via

    The main problem here is - YOU'VE NEVER HUNG OUT SOBER.

    3. They're a single friend of your best friend's SO.

    Vestron Pictures / Via

    The promise of endless even board game teams and symmetrical dinner parties is so tempting. But you don't like them at all?!

    4. You do everything together.

    Flickr: nathaninsandiego

    Do you really want to fondle the dangly bits of your best mate though? Probs not.

    5. They get you on the guestlist.

    20th Television / Via

    So what? You don't even go out because you're too busy instagramming your tortoise and watching Great British Bake Off in your pants.

    6. There is an irresistible and intense passion between you. / Via

    What are you like 16? Seriously.

    7. You look amazing together.

    Flickr: thousandrobots / Creative Commons

    Admittedly, you do look like an advert for The Kooples. But, this is beyond shallow.

    8. They have a great accent.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    They sound super sexy but you're going to have to learn Swedish to be with them?! Not gonna happen.

    9. They live nearby.

    Sony Pictures Television Distribution / Via

    If you're that lazy, admit defeat and cultivate fulfilling relationships with Netflix characters instead.

    10. They made a big romantic gesture.

    Flickr: pasukaru76

    Stop watching 80's movie marathons.

    11. You fancy their best mate/sibling/parent.

    Columbia Pictures / Via