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Your 41 Most Embarrassing Google Searches

I'd show you my Google search history, but then I'd have to kill you.

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1. Yourself

2. Your significant other

3. Your frenemy

4. Questions about your love life, or lack there of

5. Questions about your diet

6. Questions about directions

7. Or questions about One Direction

8. The mind of the opposite sex

9. The anatomy of the opposite sex

10. Questions about your psychological functioning

11. Questions about your academic functioning

12. Questions about your social functioning

13. Questions about grammar

14. Other peoples’ problems to make you feel better about your own

15. How to spell very basic words

16. Inspirational Quotes

17. Thinspirational quotes

18. Food porn

19. The name of your celebrity crush followed by the word “hot”

20. The name of your same-sex celebrity crush followed by the word “hot”

21. The name of your secret celebrity crush

22. “Calories in” followed by a very shameful food

23. Basic medical questions

24. Extremely complicated medical questions

25. Extremely personal medical questions

26. Google searches in the form of confessions

27. Followed by “local therapist + hourly rates”

28. Questions that make you sound like a total stalker

29. At least one question about Michael Jackson

30. “How to” questions pertaining to self-grooming

31. “How to” questions pertaining to social comportment

32. “How to” questions pertaining to piercings

33. “How to” dance at a club

34. "How to" seduce your (married) co-worker

35. "How to" look good in pictures

36. Celebrity haircuts

37. Celebrity workout regiments

38. Makeup tutorials

39. Song lyrics that you really don’t need to know

40. Song lyrics that you really do need to know

41. Today’s date, before you realize that it’s already on your home screen

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