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    Oct 15, 2013

    What It's Really Like Turning 21

    It's all fun and games until your 8:00 a.m. class the next morning.

    1. Expectation: Party all day!

    Reality: Class all afternoon...

    2. Expectation: You will receive checks in the mail from all of your relatives.

    Reality: You get encouraging birthday cards with lots of warm wishes.

    3. Expectation: You'll take tequila shots with all your closest friends.

    Reality: Half your crew has to flake out.

    4. Expectation: You'll finally get a new driver's license photo.

    Reality: It's just as bad as your old one.

    5. Expectation: People will give you enough alcohol to last for weeks.

    Reality: They expect you to finish it all on the spot.

    6. Expectation: Today is all about me.

    Reality: Someone else has the same birthday.

    7. Expectation: Your secret admirer will send you flowers.

    Reality: Your grandmother sends you a potted plant.

    8. Expectation: You can finally stop worrying about underage drinking.

    Reality: You never really worried about that.

    9. Expectation: You'll get a hot new outfit to wear out for your birthday.

    Reality: You have to borrow something from one of your roommates...again.

    10. Expectation: You'll make countless crazy memories.

    Reality: You take twelve drunk selfies.

    11. Expectation: You'll be so drunk that the taste of cheap liquor won't even bother you.

    Reality: It's still pretty bad.

    12. Expectation: You'll make a new friend.

    Reality: You make a drunk confession.

    13. Expectation: You'll eat birthday cake.

    Reality: You puke birthday shots.

    14. Expectation: You'll feel so relieved the next day.

    Reality: You feel like crap the next day.

    15. Expectation: You'll remember this as the best night ever.

    Reality: Your friends tell you it was the best night ever.

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