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    What It's Really Like Taking The Night Bus

    Round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows...

    Maybe you can't find a cab...

    Or maybe you just can't afford one this week...

    Either way, when you realize you're going to have to take the night bus home, you experience a brief moment of terror.


    But then you accept it.

    And you begin to mentally prepare yourself for what's coming.

    You either barely catch the night bus...

    Or you wait forever...

    And then probably miss the first one anyway.

    You act tough in front of your friends.

    But you're slightly nervous while boarding.

    And as the bus drives away, you wonder if you'll ever see them again.

    Then you see all the night bus regulars.

    "Oh, hey guys, nice to see you again."

    And you think...

    Now, where to sit...


    Or maybe here?

    How about here?

    An empty row? Yes.

    Maybe someday you'll meet a new friend on the night bus.

    But usually a homeless man just sits (or sleeps) in the seat next to you.

    Or, if it's crowded enough, right on top of you.

    You try to keep your thoughts to yourself.


    And then the girl across from you is like...

    Okay, time to move to the front.

    Sometimes unidentified liquids drip on you.

    Sometimes identified liquids drip on you.

    Suddenly, a terrifying thought occurs to you: Am I on the right bus?!

    But then, "Oh, look, this is my stop!"


    And you swear you'll never take the night bus again...until next weekend.