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    The 20 Worst Parts About Coming Back From A Semester Abroad

    Somehow catcalls are less appealing in your native tongue.

    1. Suddenly understanding all the conversations around you is surprisingly overwhelming.

    2. You accidentally say things in the language of wherever you were, out of habit.

    3. Catcalls are even less appealing in your native tongue.

    4. You can tell that the people around you are getting tired of hearing stories about your travels.

    5. Now that you're home, you realize that you have nothing noteworthy to add to your blog.

    6. You miss your friends from your study abroad program every single day.

    7. And your super cool host family.

    8. You spent all the money you had saved from your summer job, so you're totally broke this semester.

    9. You have no idea what to do with all those leftover euros.

    10. You can't believe you're missing out on their next holiday, festival, or other cultural event.

    11. You feel out of place in the (probably all black) wardrobe you acquired during the past semester.

    12. Your pre-abroad clothes might not fit you at the moment because, let's face it, you ate your way through Europe.

    Not that you feel bad about it.

    13. You miss the accessibility of delicious wine.

    14. Speaking of wine, if you aren't 21, being asked for your ID was a rude wake up call.

    15. You crave the food. Oh, how you crave the food.

    16. The bread...

    17. The desserts...

    Even McDonald's is better overseas.

    18. Anything sounds beautiful in a foreign language.

    And people abroad said YOUR accent was cute!

    19. You even miss running to catch the last metro or night bus.

    20. Basically you feel like you can't go on.

    But now you have 20 reasons to go back soon!