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    Looking For A Job, As Explained By "New Girl"

    You are not a successful adult.

    When you graduate from college, you feel ready to take on the world.

    You figure you have all the skills you'll ever need.

    Everything will fall into place soon.

    But people keep saying you need to start your "career."

    Your family doesn't understand why you haven't yet.

    You notice your friends finding jobs.

    And you wonder if it's time for you to do the same.

    After all, you have been doing some pretty grown up things lately.

    So you decide to get a job.

    How hard can it be?

    But you don't know where to begin.

    Because you have no idea what you want to do with your life.

    It seems like no one gets what you're going through.

    You start working on your résumé, but you aren't sure how viable your interests are.

    Or how much you should include...

    Or how accurate your skills section is...

    You ask around for letters of recommendation.

    You even update your LinkedIn photo.

    This is a lot more work than you expected.

    When you find a job you're qualified for, you feel like it's finally coming together.

    But that's just the beginning.

    Now you have to write a cover letter.

    What goes in a cover letter anyway?

    And they require an aptitude test!

    You prep for the interview.

    But it's harder than you expected.

    You're pretty sure you blew it.

    Waiting to hear back is torture.

    Rejection is even worse.

    The job market is more competitive than you realized.

    You wonder if you're even ready for the workplace.

    You try to look on the bright side.

    Unemployment has its perks!

    You get a lot of unhelpful advice.

    Your parents think you should move home for a while.

    You wonder if you should find a headhunter.

    Or hire a life coach?

    Any sort of guidance, really.

    You're just so lost.

    But you won't let that get you down.

    Maybe you should go in a different direction.

    Or get an internship somewhere awesome.

    After all, money isn't everything.

    The possibilities are endless.

    You have plenty of time to figure it out.