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    Going On A Blind Date, As Told By "Titanic"

    By the time your appetizers come, your heart is sinking faster than the RMS Titanic.

    You spend an hour getting ready before heading to the restaurant.

    When you get there, you think everyone is your date. Why didn't you Facebook stalk them beforehand?

    You finally identify the right person.

    But apparently they've been looking for you for the past 15 minutes.

    Maybe a compliment will break the ice?

    Your date tells the hostess that you want to be seated outside, even though the forecast says 90% chance of rain.

    Then your date goes to the bathroom, leaving you alone at the table.

    Maybe this was a bad idea.

    The waiter messes up your date's food.

    You offer to reorder.

    Whatever, yours tastes fine.

    But making small talk is boring.

    And the girls at the table behind you are being SO LOUD.

    This date is getting worse by the minute.

    Smoke break.

    After a few drinks, it starts to get better.

    Your date is so cute reading the dessert menu.

    And funny...or is that just the wine talking?

    Looks like you're getting lucky tonight.

    You get the bill. Of course your date ordered the most expensive thing on the menu.

    Look, the band is starting! You decide to dance.

    Your date is kind of a show-off.

    If only they could remember the right moves.

    Okay, they're finally starting to get it.

    And it feels like you're the only two in the room.

    Your date is pretty forward.


    "Hey, wanna get out of here?"

    By the time you leave, you're sure you'll be together forever.

    Or at least for the night.