Five Celebrities You Just Really Want To Take A Nap With

Is that what they’re calling it these days? No, I have literally compiled a list of seemingly-snuggly celebrities with whom you want to share the convivial experience of napping.

1. Harry Styles

Admit it: he gives you butterflies. Just look at that boyish grin. Now imagine his adorable British accent even saying the word “snuggle.” It’s too much.

2. John Krasinski

Whether it’s because he went to Brown or because he’ll always be Jim Halpert in your eyes, this long, lanky sweetheart is beyond cuddlesome. Picture him with bed head.

3. Connie Britton

Okay, this one might be misguided, but sometimes you just want Tami Taylor to tell you everything’s going to be okay!

4. Colin Firth

Something about his Mr. Darcy-esque demeanor makes you want to break through his hard shell and snuggle with his warm and fuzzy interior.

5. Wishbone

Whether or not you’re a dog lover, there is always room for this talking dog at the foot of your bed. He just looks so dapper in a cape!

Honorable Mention: Christopher Mintz-Plasse

a.k.a. “McLovin” Fogell from Superbad. Enough said.

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