What It Is Actually Like To Break Up With Someone

Taylor Swift has given us some very unreasonable expectations.

1. Taylor Swift:

You’ll be the one to call things off.

2. Reality:

It’s mutual, at best.

Fox / Via gurl.com

3. Taylor Swift:

He’ll realize the error of his ways and chase you out into the street to get you back.

4. Reality:

He’s not too worried about it.

5. Taylor Swift:

You’ll stand by your decision, no matter how much he begs.

6. Reality:

The begging might not be entirely from his end.

Disney / Pixar / Via pixargifs.tumblr.com

7. Taylor Swift:

You’ll be able to clearly articulate exactly how your partner messed up.

8. Reality:

You have no idea what went wrong.

9. Taylor Swift:

You will handle the situation with maturity and grace, even apologizing when an apology is due.

10. Reality:

No way are you apologizing to this jackass.

The Weinstein Company / Via tumblr.com

11. Taylor Swift:

In hindsight, you’ll realize that you knew he was bad news all along.

12. Reality:

You never saw it coming.

Paramount Pictures / Via tumblr.com

13. Taylor Swift:

You’ll move on quickly, ridding your life of any reminders of him.

14. Reality:

You spend the majority of your day stalking him on Facebook.

CBS / Via mrwgifs.com

15. Taylor Swift:

Even though it didn’t work out, you’ll see that he pushed you to new limits and helped you overcome your fears.

16. Reality:

The only thing he taught you is that boys suck.

17. Taylor Swift:

You’ll realize that you had unrealistic expectations going into the relationship.

18. Reality:

You wish your life were more like a rom-com.

Screen Gems / Via lawyerupasshole.tumblr.com

19. Taylor Swift:

You’ll be glad that you learned these lessons early in your life.

20. Reality:

You’re still making the same mistakes in your 20s.

21. Taylor Swift:

Someday, you might even look back at these memories fondly.

22. Reality:

Probably not.

23. Taylor Swift:

You’ll go out with your friends later that night to celebrate your newfound singleness!

24. Reality:

That’s the last thing you want to do.

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