Turns Out “Finding Nemo” And “Taken” Are Basically The Same Movie

Who knew Liam Neeson had so much in common with a clownfish?

1. It all starts with two fathers who are all too familiar with the evils of the world.

Whether it be from seeing their wife and children get attacked by a great barracuda or from years of experience in the CIA.

2. In effort to protect their adolescent children, they treat them like they are still little kids.

3. …Until their friends convince them to “touch the butt.”

Or follow U2 through Europe. Just something reckless in the great unknown.

4. Both call to Dad for help, but are ultimately taken.

5. Despite their determination, the heros have little information to work with.

Just one kidnapper’s voice saying “Shark bate, ooh ah ah.” Or something like that.

6. They ask around, but yield few results.

Possibly due to the language barrier. “Maybe he only speaks whale?”

7. They often find themselves in perilous situations.

8. At one point, both kids hit rock bottom.

In a brothel at P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

9. But in the end, Dad comes to the rescue!

10. And the moral of this story is, LISTEN TO YOUR FATHER.

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