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    9 Devious Ways To Drink Wine Literally Anywhere

    Sure, you've drunk wine from a box, but have you drunk wine from a bra? Wait, don't answer that.

    If you want to be discreet,
    You can drink it from your seat.

    9. Papa Berts Sippin Seat

    When you want to drink outside,
    Take your wine out for a ride.

    8. Bicycle Wine Rack

    For some wine on the green,
    Here's how you won't be seen.

    7. Kooler Club & Drink Caddy

    If you're feeling extra sly,
    You can store it on your thigh.

    6. Sneaky Shorts Flexible Flask

    Binoculars might help your sight,
    But "Barnoculars" come with a bite.

    5. Barnoculars

    Take a bottle on the go,
    Hidden where no one will know.

    4. The Weekender Wine Bag

    But if you want to go all out,
    This handbag comes with a spout.

    3. Vernissage Wine Purse

    If wine's your number one provision,
    This might be the best decision.

    2. The Beerbelly

    But if you want an ample bust,
    This brassiere is a must.

    1. The WineRack

    And for the classiest affair,
    Don't forget your fine glassware.

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