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32 Signs You're Graduating In May

Or at least you think you are. It's really all up in the air right now.

1. You're constantly being asked the dreaded question: "So what are your plans after graduation?"

2. And you respond differently each time.

3. Anyone who asks what you want to do with your life is immediately labeled a buzzkill.

4. Especially when it's one of your parents.

5. Working on your résumé never fails to put you in a bad mood.

6. And it forces you to have terribly upsetting self-realizations.

7. Not to mention your professors think you have time for homework in the midst of planning the rest of your LIFE.

8. When your friends have job interviews, you try to be happy for them...

9. ...but that's easier said than done.

10. Half the time you feel like you might burst into tears at any given moment.

11. The rest of the time you can't motivate yourself to care about anything.

12. You're basically an emotional roller coaster.

13. Trying to plan around your significant other is tough.

14. So is watching all your friends get engaged.

15. Even though you're pretty pumped for all the upcoming weddings.

16. People keep suggesting that you go to grad school.

17. You've recently been introduced to the concept of "networking."

18. Turns out it is harder than it looks.

19. You're surprised by how many of your friends have secretly had LinkedIn this whole time.

20. You're so excited to be so close to graduation.

21. Like really, really excited.

22. But also stressed out.

23. And exhausted.

24. You thought you got "senioritis" in high school...

25. ...but now you have a whole new understanding of its meaning.

26. Your friends are all in the same boat.

27. But you're about to be on your own in the world!

28. Now you're just trying to finish the homestretch.

29. You're trying not to pull too many all-nighters...

30. ...or pick up too many bad habits...

31. ...or get too down on yourself.

32. Deep down you know: You've got this.