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    28 Ways Summer Camp Prepared You For Post-Grad Life

    You took away more than a tie-dye T-shirt and six friendship bracelets.

    1. The uniform prepared you for only wearing the 6 pieces of business clothes that you own.

    2. With the cost of rent, it’s a good thing that you’re used to living with 4 roommates.

    3. Hiking is a critical skill when you can’t afford a cab: “I have to walk how many city blocks in these heels?”

    4. Trying to reduce your electricity bill? No problem, you’re used to spending the summer without AC.

    5. You aren’t wasting your first paycheck on a trip to the salon: you’ve been cutting your own hair since you were 11.

    6. You know that it’s best to buy and cook in bulk.

    7. You also know the importance of hoarding non-perishable foods in your room.

    8. But you might put those summers of archery lessons to use if you get desperate—or hungry—enough.

    9. You know that marking your towels with iron-on name labels is way easier than—and works just as well as—having them monogrammed.

    10. You don’t mind showering with a friend to cut down on your water bill.

    11. But you also know that a bath isn’t the only place you can bathe.

    12. And you know that bathing isn’t that important anyway.

    13. You are used to packing light and working with limited storage space from living out of a trunk all summer.

    14. Limited packing space also taught you that every object/appliance has at least two purposes.

    15. You are comfortable performing basic medical procedures in the convenience of your own room.

    16. If worst comes to worst, the interpretive dance moves you picked up at camp could be useful if you take up street performing and/or burlesque.

    17. You appreciate your mountaineering skills every time you forget your key and have to climb in a window.

    18. You never get homesick: you’ve been spending long periods of time away from home for as long as you can remember.

    19. Your parents are used to not hearing from you for weeks at a time, only to receive a letter asking for something.

    20. Checking your PO box isn’t that much different from checking your mailbox at camp.

    21. Sending away your laundry every week at camp was preparation for taking your clothes to the dry cleaners…or laundromat.

    22. You’re already an expert at reducing the amount of laundry you have.

    23. You’re used to being utterly exhausted for days at a time.

    24. And campouts prepared you for crashing in odd places.

    25. Your friends crying on the last night of camp isn't all that different from your friends drunk-crying outside a bar.

    26. You can whip up a $3 Halloween costume in no time, thanks to the skills you acquired from skits and theme nights at camp.

    27. But all those poker games during rest hour still might come in handy if you ever need some quick cash.

    28. And, last but not least, the “blob” taught you the risks of being a lightweight.