22 Ways You Actually Feel At 22

I don’t know about you, but I’m fearing 22…

It feels like a perfect day to take shots real soon
And black out by noon, ah ah, ah ah

It feels like a shitty day; my life is stinking
So let’s start drinking, instead of thinking!

We’re busy, bored, hit on, and ignored at the same time

Need 50 bucks, it f*ing sucks, oooh yeeeahh
Tonight’s the night we chase cheap vodka with Sprite
It’s time

Uh oh!
I don’t know about you
But I’m stuck at 22

Taking out student loans while
I’m paying rent too

Need an internship
But what else is new?
So I’ll just watch some chick flicks
On my last hook up’s Netflix

It seems like one of those nights
For a random hook up
You had me at “Hey, sup?” ah ah, ah ah

Yup, it is one of those nights
Complete with a booty call
We won’t say much at all
But, hey, at least he’s tall

Barely legal, roommate bought a beagle, what the f*ck?
Poops everywhere, oh my god, yuck, oooh yeeeahh

Tonight let’s meet where we can park on the street
‘Cuz it’s free

Uh oh! (hey!)
I don’t know about you
But life’s weird at 22

Applying for three jobs while
You’ve got homework to do

You can’t find a boyfriend
But some days you want to

So let’s just have a night in
And watch the RHONYs fightin’

It feels like one of those weeks
You’re on a winning streak

Or is it one of those weeks
You’re too pissed off to speak?

This week is kind of oblique
You’ll get through it though
You’re life’s just in limbo
You’re life’s in limbo

Ooooh, ooooh, yeah, yeah, yeah! (hey!)
I don’t know about you
But I’m fearing 22

You are feeling so perplexed
You don’t know what to do next

You don’t have a boyfriend
In fact, you’ve got a few

Let’s go somewhere with dim lighting
And avoid employer sightings

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