22 Signs You’re The Shoshanna Of Your Friend Group

If you had to be one person from the cast of Girls, you know it’d be Shoshanna.

1. There’s nothing you hate more than being alone at a party.

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2. Except for maybe crack…

3. You may be innocent.

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4. But you’re also empowered.

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5. You recognize true class.

6. You know every pop culture reference.

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7. You’re deeply insightful.

8. Except for the fact that you haven’t had sex, you’re like totally not even a virgin.

You’re like the least virginy virgin ever.

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9. You love catching up with your friends from school.

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10. You’re skeptical of guys who ask you out.

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11. You take pride in your daily routines.

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12. You’re honest about your feelings.

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13. But you’re becoming mature enough to handle them.

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14. You know better than to accept help from strangers.

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15. You don’t have time for people who hold you back.

HBO / Via nsmbl.com

16. Your friends might describe you as melodramatic.

HBO / Via serialminds.com

17. Or high-strung.

HBO / Via gamefaqs.com

18. But they’d definitely say you’re a supportive friend.

HBO / Via i.crushable.com

19. Cause you’re great at giving advice.

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20. And you’re also a great listener.

HBO / Via giphy.com

21. You can pull of a crazy hairdo.

22. And above all, you won’t let anything stand in your way.

HBO / Via blogger.com

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