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    21 Signs You're The Jessa Of Your Friend Group

    You cannot be smoted. You are unsmoteable.

    1. You frequently find yourself feeling restless or bored.

    2. Which might be why you get into so many sticky situations.

    3. But you learn from your mistakes.

    4. You have complete control over all of your romantic relationships.

    5. You don't get attached easily.

    6. In fact, you cannot be smoted.

    7. You have amazing, effortless style.

    8. You tend to reject rules accepted by the rest of society.

    9. Which is why you have no qualms over lighting up indoors.

    10. You've realized that conventional jobs just aren't for you.

    11. Nor is social media.

    12. You're definitely intellectual.

    13. But you never overanalyze situations.

    14. You just can't be bothered by unimportant details.

    15. Because of your past experiences, you can really read people.

    16. You phrase things in ways that others could never think of.

    17. You're experienced in areas where your friends might need help.

    18. But you never give unwarranted advice.

    19. You definitely live in the moment.

    20. Your friends might describe you as "all over the place."

    21. But you always show them a good time.