20 Signs You’re The Gretchen Weiners Of Your Friend Group

You are such a good friend.

1. You know everything about everyone.

That’s why your hair is so big…

2. And you know all the trendy lingo.

Even, like, slang from England.

3. Sometimes you get ripped off.

4. That’s probably why you have so much pent up anger.

Well, that or the tragedy of your white gold Hanukkah hoops…

5. You’re kind of a big deal.

6. So, naturally, people are jealous.

7. Sometimes this upsets you.

8. Because you have a wide range of emotions.

9. You have questionable taste in guys.

10. And sometimes you go kind of crazy over them.

11. But if a guy wrongs you, your friends have your back.

Bye, Jason.

12. Though you’ll get back at him somehow, anyway.

13. You know how boy-girl relationships work.

14. And you understand Girl World.

15. You always find a way to break things gently to your friends.

16. And you know what’s in your best interest.

17. You’re outgoing and welcoming.

18. Until you’re not.

19. People don’t always properly appreciate you.

20. But you are such a good friend.

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