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    20 Signs Spring Just Isn't Your Season

    April showers bring.... you no joy whatsoever.

    1. You were out of Sudafed and tissues by April 5.

    2. Your allergies are so bad you can't even go outside.

    3. You wouldn't know what to wear outside anyway, since the climate drastically changes EVERY DAY.

    4. Who has room for a "light jacket" anyway?

    5. You hate April showers.

    6. May flowers so aren't worth it to you.

    7. But spring sunshine isn't much better.

    8. If you don't apply SPF now, you will be applying aloe vera later.

    9. Your attempts at self-tanner haven't gone so well either.

    10. The humidity does nothing for your hair.

    11. It's just going to frizz the second you step outside, so why bother styling it in the first place?

    12. Yet you can't concentrate on anything because all you want to do is be outside!

    13. The temptation to "darty" is just too much.

    14. Summer wedding invitations are rolling in, which reminds you that you still don't have a date.

    15. Not that you need to be reminded, with mating season all around you.

    16. Unfortunately spring break isn't really forever.

    17. Now you're just counting down the days until summer.

    18. You still haven't quite adjusted to the time change.

    19. Spring cleaning is the absolute worst.

    20. Sometimes you just watch Frozen and cry for what once was...