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10 Things You Swore You Would Do This Summer

It's August already?! And you had such high aspirations...

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1. Get fit

Expectation: exercise daily

Reality: gained 7 lbs

2. Get a tan

Expectation: go to the pool every day

Reality: it rained every time you had a day off

3. Have a summer fling

Expectation: a whirlwind romance

Reality: 6 drunk hook-ups

4. Make a ton of money

Expectation: save every penny you earn

Reality: unpaid internship

5. Travel

Expectation: become a jet setter

Reality: visited your grandparents once

6. Keep in touch with all your friends

Expectation: Skype daily

Reality: texted weekly

7. Eat clean

Expectation: cook healthy meals for yourself

Reality: 24 hour drive thru

8. Get Pinterest-y

Expectation: make a craft

Reality: made a mess

9. Try something new

Expectation: pick up a cool hobby

Reality: picked up a bad habit

10. Cultivate your mind

Expectation: read 10 New York Times best sellers

Reality: watched "Orange is the New Black" on your last hook-up's Netflix

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