17 Ways You Know You’re A City Girl In A Small Town

For job, love, or family you have been persuaded to leave your shiny, sky-scraper filled paradise, and are now living somewhere with one Wal-Mart, one coffee shop, and one ethnicity. Are there signs you don’t *quite* fit in? Let’s just say you’re not fooling anyone…

1. You are suddenly considered “fashionable” even though you were on the outskirts of social acceptability in the city.

2. You are decked out in Canada Goose Jacket at the first sign of snow. -40 degrees later you are still the only one in town with an arctic-appropriate jacket..

3. You start to suspect that “Chinese” might just mean “deep fried and served with sweet and sour sauce”.

4. When people ask you where you’re from you start to get kind of vague so you don’t have to see their eyes narrow suspiciously when you mention the name of your major city.

5. You start going to things you never thought you’d go to, like fitness classes, and church, just to see if that’s where all the young people are hiding.

6. When you finally meet someone your own age, you become instant friends.

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7. You learn that you can pre-drink at someones house without going out afterwards (I guess it’s just called drinking?).

(At least you can get drunk in sweatpants.)

8. The local radio station plays in every restaurant, gas station, and coffee shop in town, and you soon know all 10 songs off by heart.

9. The front page story of the newspaper sometimes reminds you of someone enthusiastically announcing the things they see out a window.

10. You stop asking people where they are from (the answer is here).

11. Someone once called you “city girl” and made it sound like a racial slur.

12. Your friend circle expands to include small children and grandparents.

You do some pretty awesome things together though.

13. Your friend makes deer jerky from a deer her husband killed and you loved it.

14. You join random community groups, just to get out of your house and discover that your ability to make Facebook pages is a coveted skill.

15. Suddenly, when you meet new people, you know how they connect with the people you already know.

The Simpsons / Via simpsoncrazy.com

16. Strangers already know your name and seem thrilled to meet you.

Cheers / Via gq.com

17. You overhear someone telling a friend that “city girls aren’t all that bad” and realize you’ve been accepted! Happy days!!

(That’s you!)

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