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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Lucky As Science Editor

Because sometimes it takes a scientist to make science fun!

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1. I love science so much...

that I spent 7 years surviving on instant noodles

and xkcd...

just so I could complete a PhD!

2. I think science all the time...

and talk science all the time

which means I have tons of experience communicating science to diverse audiences all around the world

3. I'm always on top of breaking science news, traversing the far reaches of the web just to find it

(how I react when I see an exciting new breakthrough)

which means I always have lots of bright ideas for awesome science stories

4. I'm obsessed with doing social media

(especially if it's anything to do with science)

and I love strategizing about making content viral

so I'll always fight to make sure promising ideas are packaged well and shared widely

5. So hire ME!

* DNA is an added bonus

* DNA is an added bonus

I'll be an awesome team member

who'll make your science content engaging

and fun...

and will never let you down!

To schedule an interview please email

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