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10 Reasons: Traditional Marriage Will Survive Marriage Equality

Is same sex marriage going to destroy the foundation of traditional marriage in America? Here's 10 reasons why same-sex marriages could not even come close to what's happening to our politicians, celebrities and sex addicts today.

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1. Charlie Sheen’s "porn family”

Bad-boy actor Charlie Sheen is so into porn that he tried to create a "family," of X-rated actresses. Several industry insiders, including porn star Kacey Jordan, say the "Two and a Half Men" actor liked to be surrounded by adult film stars. "He's a very sexual person," porn star Cassandra Cruz said. "Why sit home and watch porn when you're wealthy enough to be with the porn stars themselves?"

2. Newt Gingrich blames patriotism for cheating on his wives in 2012.

Gingrich is currently on his third wife. He left his first wife for his second wife after 19 years while the first wife, who had supported him through graduate school and raised his two daughters, was in the hospital suffering from uterine cancer. He supposedly refused to pay child support or alimony payments to his first wife to the point where the local Baptist church had to take up a collection to help support his family. Then Newt’s second wife, his first jumpoff, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 18 years after he married her. He left her eight months later.

3. Mark Sanford's Affair Follows Him On Campaign Trail For South Carolina House Seat

We'll remember that back in 2009, Mark Sanford gave a remarkable, very lengthy televised confession about his affair. He's now, as I understand it, engaged to the woman he was having an affair with at the time. How has that infidelity played in the campaign so far?

4. Britney Spears & Jason Alexander Marriage

After a public breakup with Pop Charming, 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, Spears' first highly public mishap was her 2004 marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, a "till death do us part" that lasted all of 55 hours.

5. Tiger Woods Had Sex With 121 Women: 'National Enquirer'

Tiger Woods has confessed to having sex with 120 women, the National Enquirer reports. According to the publication, Woods came clean about his serial affairs during sex addiction therapy.

6. Bill Clinton: What, Exactly, Is the Cigar Story?

The story is that Monica Lewinsky masturbated with a cigar while President Clinton watched and masturbated as well. Yassir Arafat was supposedly kept waiting in the Rose Garden while this was going on in a room next to the Oval Office. The story has been widely talked about, moderately referred to in the mainstream press, and narrowly (i.e., in the Drudge Report, the New York Post, and various British papers) reported as fact.

7. Kelsey Grammer denies ending marriage over the phone

Reports claimed Grammer ended their union in June during a brief phone call to his wife. A source told New York Post's gossip column Page Six, " he called Camille out of the blue and said he was done with the marriage and wanted to start dating. Camille was devastated he could be so cold. For her, it was totally out of the blue."

8. John Edwards' eldest daughter: 'I was mad, devastated' about affair.'

In 2011, he was indicted on six felony charges of violating federal campaign contribution laws to conceal an extramarital affair. John Edwards was found not guilty on one count, and a mistrial was declared on the other five charges.

9. Kim Kardashian Wedding Leads to Divorce 72 Days Later

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are dunzo after 72 days of marriage. The reality star filed for divorce this morning, citing irreconcilable differences. Ryan Seacrest was the first of the Kardashian camp to confirm the news after TMZ broke the story, telling his folllowers that he'd talked to Kim and the news was true.

10. Jesse James Had as Many as 11 Mistresses - Everyone Knew Except for Sandra Bullock

Everyone knew about Jesse James appetitive for inked strippers and porn actresses except Sandra Bullock, says the New York Post. The report is that Jesse James had as many as 11 affairs during his marriage to Sandra Bullock. This comes on the heels of mistress # 3 coming forth to tell her story, Brigitte Daguerre.

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