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  • Feed the Hungry & Your Brain at

    If you feel like making a difference while quizzing yourself on subjects such as famous paintings, English vocabulary, chemical symbols and world capitals—visit this web site! They even show rice appearing in the bowl as you progress in the game. I’ve been playing it for quite some time; I like to think that I’ve helped feed an entire neighborhood. Gotta tell ya, it feels pretty good. Excerpt: * Click on the right answer in the middle of this page. * If you get it right, you get a harder question. If you get it wrong, you get an easier question. * For each answer you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. WARNING: This game may make you smarter. It may improve your speaking, writing, thinking, grades, job performance… (more)

  • PETA kills pets?! not very ethical!

    When I think of PETA, the first things that come to mind are the overdone “I’d rather go naked” ads and sea kittens. Now, the terrible headline above will be added to that list. PETA, try spending less time babbling on about how “feeding your kids meat is child abuse,” and spend more time seeking out happy homes for pets who just want to be loved. “According to a report released Thursday by the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed 95 percent of the adoptable pets in its care during 2008.” Ingrid Newkirk is creepy.

  • Prosthetic Finger doubles as a “thumb drive”

    Finnish man Jerry Jalava lost his finger in a motorcycle accident, ultimately leading to this peculiar invention. He says he was inspired to create the unique storage device when doctors treating him joked that he should have a USB “finger drive” after finding out that he was a software developer. The look of it kinda freaks me out, but I can appreciate the innovation. View Image ›

  • Safe Teen Driver Sticker

    Some paranoid parents thought it was a great idea to create these stickers to put on their teens’ cars. The purpose? Anyone behind on the road could go to the site and e-mail the parents telling them what a horrible, dangerous driver their kid is (even if they are not). I wonder how many kids were grounded because of this sticker… View Image ›

  • News Anchor Looks Like Wanted Rapist

    This unfortunate anchorman from ABC7 in Los Angeles bears an almost shocking resemblance to the police sketch of the rapist that he is presenting to the public. I’d really like to know how many people called the tip line saying they saw the “rapist” reporting on himself. Was there no one else in the studio that could’ve done this segment? Poor guy. View Image ›

  • Fire Rainbow

    “It looks like a rainbow that’s been set on fire, but this phenomenon is as cold as ice … This particular arc spanned several hundred square miles of sky and lasted for about an hour, according to the London Daily Mail.” |via National Geographic| View Image ›

  • Jack the Ripper May Have Been a Woman

    “The notorious serial killer who stalked London’s East End, butchering prostitutes and terrorising the population, may not have been Jack the Ripper - but Jill. An Australian scientist has used swabs from letters supposedly sent to police by the Ripper to build a partial DNA profile of the killer. The results suggest that the person who murdered and mutilated at least five women from 1888 onwards may have been a woman.”

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