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    12 Reality TV Stars Aussies Won't Forget Any Time Soon

    Nollsie, the voice of a generation.

    1. Remember OG Australian Idol star Shannon Noll, who was robbed of top honours as runner-up of Season 1 in 2003?

    2. How about Chrissie Swan, runner-up from Big Brother Australia Season 3?

    3. What's not to love about Poh Ling Yeow from Masterchef Australia Season 1?

    4. Who could forget footballer-turned-actor Blair McDonough who shot to fame after Big Brother Season 1?

    Network Ten

    Remember his stint as Stuart Parker from Neighbours? Forever an Aussie icon.

    5. And Big Brother’s Tim Dormer arguably wins the award for reality TV’s best hair.

    6. But the winner of most dramatic transformation goes to Guy Sebastian, the original winner of Australian Idol.

    Getty Images

    Wait for it...

    Holy guacamole.

    7. And of course there’s ‘Zen Hen’ (aka Henry Nicholson) from Australian Survivor Season 2.

    8. Or the nation's favourite Bachelorette, Sophie Monk.

    Network Ten

    Possibly the most relatable Bachie contestant. Ever.

    9. Baby-faced Jessica Mauboy serenading the nation on Australian Idol in 2004.

    Getty Images

    Just wait until you see her today.

    And now, #GlowUp.

    10. Who could forget The Bachelor's lovers at first sight, Matty J and Laura Byrne?

    Network Ten / Via Facebook: TheBachelorAU

    Modern-day Romeo and Juliet, is that you?

    And they’ve now welcomed an addition to their family.

    11. Remember that time when we all fell in love with the squeaky-clean Australian Idol contestant, Matt Corby?

    12. And finally, who could forget Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald from Big Brother?

    Network Ten / Via Facebook: BigBrotherAU

    Contestant-turned-host of the notorious Friday Night Live before making the move to breakfast radio. What a success story.

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