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    12 Bake Sale Classics That Practically Scream AusPol

    Because voting day is always sweeter with a $2.50 caramel slice in hand.

    1. The soft pillow-y lamington, an unsung Aussie hero.

    2. The rainbow buttery triangles of fairy bread that prove Wonderwhite can do no wrong.

    3. A slice of Woolies Chocolate Mudcake.

    4. ANZAC biscuits, with all their golden syrupy goodness.

    5. The never-gets-old Iced VoVo.

    6. Unrefrigerated packets of oh-so-gooey Tim Tams.

    7. The chocolate crackles that are guaranteed to melt as soon as you get your hands on one.

    8. The finger buns that definitely did not come from Bakers Delight, and are in fact 100% home-made.

    9. Those marshmallow ice-cream cones that no one ever asked for.

    10. Caramel slice, which has always been worth the extra gold coin.

    11. The plate of ambiguously-flavoured muffins.

    12. And the banana bread with questionable quantities of banana in it.