#SearchingForPurpleAmerica: One Woman's Road Trip Across America To Find Commonality In This Red V. Blue Election Year

    Meet America with Lucile Scott, who drove over 14,000 miles this summer with her tiny dog Vinni in a Mini Cooper to talk to everyday folks about the election. This post covers the Southern portion of her epic journey from Brooklyn to California and back again. You can find more profiles on Instagram at lucile.baker.scott or Twitter @lucilebscott.

    1. Bryanna - Covington, Virginia

    2. John - Jassamine County, Kentucky

    3. Kyle - Lexington, Kentucky

    4. Dana, Bobby, and Gleema - Hazard, Kentucky

    5. John - Greenville, Tennessee

    6. Danielle - Durham, North Carolina

    7. Christine and Judy - Durham, North Carolina

    8. Alex - Athens, Georgia

    9. Cary - Greensboro, Georgia

    10. Mahogany - Savannah, Georgia

    11. Lucinda - Pensacola, Florida

    12. Shiela - Mobile, Alabama

    13. Leroy - New Orleans, Louisiana

    14. Diana - Thibodaux, Louisiana

    15. Larry - New Iberia, Louisiana