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The Women You Should Be Watching On FX

FX's programming has slowly been growing in prestige an popularity. Here are the female reasons WHY.

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Aya Cash - "You're the Worst"

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Aya Cash portrays Gretchen, the female protagonist of FX's new summer comedy "You're the Worst". Other than being part of, in this writers opinion, the best and freshest new comedy series of the summer, Ms. Cash is a delightful breath of humor, fresh air, and the most lovable redhead on television. (Sorry Joan) If you're a fan of good writing, actor chemistry, and a girl worth rooting for, don't miss Aya Cash on "You're the Worst". No one makes such a strong willed woman, so believably and subtly vulnerable. #meancartooneyebrows

Aisha Tyler (Archer)

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If you don't recognize her face, you will definitely recognize her voice. Comedian, writer, model, actress Aisha Tyler, brings to life the animated "big handed" Lana Kane, of FX's hit series "Archer". Aisha Tyler brings the spunk, sass, and voice of reason to best comedic voice ensemble on television (I am going to use this phrase a lot). The magical chemistry Ms. Tyler has with fellow actors, Jon Benjamin, Chris Parnell, etc. has left ROFLing for days. There is something brutal and commanding about Lana's voice, and, as I am sure Sterling Archer would agree, makes her incredibly sexy. #PowerfulWomen

Allison Tolman (Fargo)

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After just finishing Fargo, the best show this past year (we can debate this somewhere else), Allison Tolman stands out as the sympathetic Hero of this dark and strange series. Tolman portrays Molly, the soft-spoken and intelligent deputy of Bemidji, Minnesotta. A veritable "Peggy Olson" of the series, Tolman brings balance to the series, that keeps you rooting for someone and something positive in a sea of darkness, terror, and savagery. Its too bad Fargo's narrative model is similar to that of "True Dectective" and Molly will not be reappearing as a character in the upcoming season. This was a big break for Alison Tolman, and I hope to see much more from her. #Bravo #EmmyNominated

Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy)


In the FINAL season of "Sons of Anarchy" Katey Sagal reprises her dark role as Biker Matriarch Gemma Teller. I've always been a huge Katey Sagal fan ("Futurama", "Smart House", Country Music), however as this series has progresses she has really grown and shined as an actress. Her character Gemma has done horrible, horrible, things over the course of this series, and (with out spoiling too much) her actions at the end of last season hit a horrifying CLIMAX. Gemma is who we love and need to hate, but even a midst her unforgivable actions, Katey Sagal is able true pain, guilt, and intensity to the character. If this past Tuesday was any indication, Gemma is one of the most important and dynamic characters on the series. #MyOldLady

Keri Russell (The Americans)

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Ah yes, Felicity herself! A few years ago, Keri Russell wouldn't even be on the radar of people I'd find myself writing about, however her role as KGBt, deep-cover 80's operative, in "The Americans", quickly changed my mind. Lets be real Keri Russell shows ALOT of skin in this series, an unnecessary amount, but FX did use to produce "Nip Tuck" so lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. My favorite aspect of the series is the reverse gender roles she has with her screen partner Phillip (Rhys). Elizabeth (Russell) is detached from her family, her emotions, she is the hardened soldier. By contrast her husband Phillip (Rhys), brings the emotional grounding and the dream of Family. This contrast lets Russell step into her role as a Spy Master. #DoingLaundry

Emily Rios (The Bridge)


You may recognize Emily from her role as Jesse's love interest, on "Breaking Bad". For the past two summers she has portrayed a young journalist and lesbian, Adrianna Mendez on "The Bridge". Every scene with her and Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard) are spectacular, emotional, and compelling. Emily Rios's character not only should stand as a reminder the Latin/ Hispanic community deserves more representation on television, and so does the LGBT community. Rios is living breathing proof that non-troped, well written and acted, female character bring another layer to television. Take a note from "The Bridge" Hollywood and give me more characters like Adriana Mendezs! #catholicMoms

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